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Our Janitorial Service Can Restore Marble Floors

Janitorial Service in Los Angeles, CA


Clean Pros Los Angeles is a dependable janitorial service provider assisting with marble floor restoration projects. If you are a property owner in Los Angeles, CA or the surroundings and would like to have your floors reinvented, contact us now! Our friendly teams will go over and above to achieve incredible results.

Marble floor restoration involves a series of steps to repair and polish the surface of the marble to restore it to its original appearance. Here are the typical steps involved:

  • Cleaning – Our local janitorial services providers will thoroughly clean the floors on your property to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants. They do this with mild detergent and a mop, or a machine called a scrubber.
  • Grinding – If the floor has deep scratches, chips, or other damage, then grinding might be necessary. It is done with a heavy-duty floor grinder that evens out the surface.
  • Honing – After grinding, our janitorial service providers will hone the marble to smooth it out and remove the remaining imperfections. They do this with diamond abrasives and other products.
  • Polishing – The final step in the process is polishing to give the marble a shine and bring out its natural beauty. We do it with polishing pads attached to a specific machine.

Our local janitorial services providers perform this service for commercial customers who require help restoring their floors. We offer this solution as a stand-out service or a service included in a floor maintenance plan. We can handle jobs of all sizes and scopes, so whatever tasks you have for us, count on us for remarkable results. We are prepared to amaze you!

Clean Pros Los Angeles uses specialized equipment and trained professionals to offer outstanding local janitorial services, marble floor restoration work, and other solutions. Call our team in Los Angeles, CA to learn more about us or the work we can do for you. Dial (310) 693-5799 now.

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